Soft Skills How Difficult It Is For Our Youth To Learn About Themselves

unduhanHow difficult it is for our youth to learn about themselves, their identity, and their self awareness?

They may think they ‘know it all’, but is that really true?

How sensitive are they towards their emotional development, their problem solving ability, decision making capacity, living in balance with a positive attitude and elevated life force and very importantly holding on to their social skills? This is for our generation for the future.

Everybody knows that our educational system, in general, is giving our youth the basic knowledge, needed to be competitive in the high technological workforce of the upcoming generation.

But isn’t there much more to life than just these basic subjects, and unless our students have an excellent mentor who is willing to change the way things work, our generation isn’t learning the crucial things he or she needs to learn in life.

If you think about your own experience for a moment, when you were growing up, did you know everything you needed in order to survive in life? If you were lucky growing amidst the competitive race, you would have known how

Student Life Abroad Vital Non Academic Aspects

unduhanThe question about my necessary accommodation which was a major part of those general matters, turned out to be a real melting pot: lots of international students inhabited this place making me feel real cosmopolitan. The decision about this dormitory had to be already made at home upon critically evaluating a wide range of possible locations to stay for this period of time.

In fact, I had been assigned to a room, which consisted of one living room including a tiny kitchenette and a sleeping room with an adjacent bathroom. Not kidding, but these few square meters had to be shared by 2 people. This moment was the first time being confronted with the American concept of living with a roommate. However, there was no logical reason for an excuse, since I had to agree on this philosophy in Germany beforehand.

In case you get problems regarding living with your roommate there is always the realistic possibility of changing accommodation. At that time, I got the chance to move into another dormitory (McTyeire International House) which was located on campus and was divided into several international sections. I

The Best Computer Engineering Colleges in Bahadurgarh

unduhanEngineering is an evergreen field that can produce technocrats and proficient designers. This is one of the reasons why engineering remains one of the prime careers of choice for youngsters. Located in Haryana, Bahadurgarh is also called the ‘gateway of Haryana’ and serves as the gateway to education when it comes down to the field of engineering. There are a number of colleges that are located in Bahadurgarh, but listed below are the colleges that come to mind when one talks about ‘top engineering colleges’

PDM College of Engineering, as one of the ardent colleges that can be entered by passing OLET, LEET or MAH-MCA-CET, this college is known for its diverse cultural values and immense intellectual growth. Top recruiters of students from this college are Accenture, CMS, etc. The college is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

MERI College of Engineering and Technology, which has been educating people since 1987 is a tier-one college in Bahadurgarh. The college is spacious and has updated labs and offer both Bachelor and Masters degree courses. Some of the top recruiters of the students of this college are Black Rock

Practical Labs Their Need In Technical Education

unduhanSo, you think technical education is all about theory and lectures? You are wrong.

When we think about practical labs, sciences come to mind. We all think of biology labs, physics labs, chemistry labs, and computer labs but we barely ever think of technical labs. We think technical subjects do not require practical mode of teaching. That is where we fail.

Today, the interactive teaching methodology is prevailing all over the world and this includes practical sessions regardless of the subject. No student will be at his efficient best if he is made to sit in a hall and subjected to lecture after lecture. Even an interesting topic can become dull through constant theory lessons. That is why practical labs are very important.

Benefits of practical labs

There are numerous benefits of practical education. These include the following:

1. Students are interested in the topic. Practical education invokes interest that theory does not because students get to see it live, right in front of their eyes. Practical labs can even make a boring subject interesting, making more students participate and learn.

2. Practical lessons

Campuses That Discourage Ragging Are The Best

arWe have heard a few too many ghastly incidents revolving around ragging. There have been cases of fresher being beaten up, there have been cases of them being killed, and many committing suicide because of continued torture under the name of ragging.

The advent of ragging

Ragging was supposed to be a fun activity for seniors and juniors to bond. Juniors usually find a new college daunting and seniors were supposed to make this easier for them by interacting with them, having some fun, teasing them perhaps, and bonding with them. However, all this escalated rather quickly to blackmail, physical abuse, and torture. Today, students worry more about being ragged than failing exams.

Ragging rituals have become rampant in many colleges today ranging from making juniors do their projects and record work to forcing them to strip or abusing them obscenely. The whole idea of ragging has changed and even though many swear that it is all fun and friendly, only the participants know what truly happens.

What makes it worse

Out of fear, many juniors tend to keep their mouths shut and never reveal

Role of Mobile Technology Courses in Education Sector

unduhanIt covers everything about a “mobile phone” or rather we should say a “smart phone.” In short, the technology access through mobiles has given us a room for carrying out all our daily tasks in a row. However, the question is that how these mobile technology courses play an important role in the education sector? To answer this, let us cover a few facts:

• Mobile devices today are integrated with the latest software and features that make it difficult for a regular user to fix it in case of any problem. If there will be no courses based on repairing mobiles then how students will enjoy the benefits of M-learning. M here stands for mobile. It is used in several schools & universities and is quite similar to laptop learning.

• The second fact is that the trend of courses in the education sector has transformed. The students are clearer about their goals and steps as how to achieve it. This is evident from the growing number of professional courses in the global universities. Not just that, you will

How to Get Into the Schools of Your Dreams

Dream_School_title_cardYou have another year left of high school and your entire family is pressuring you about the next big step of your life: College. This phase means freedom and choices because there are an almost unlimited number of institutions in which you can choose. Figuring out where to start might be the most difficult hurdle. If you’re completely lost, you’re not alone. Your teenage experience is a time for finding yourself and discovering your goals. Before you apply, there are some things you should consider.

SAT and Resume

SAT scores are an immense part of your resume. If there are universities you have in mind that require specific scores, make these numbers your goal. There is a variety of resources to help you, such as and practice books. Review the material and requirements, scoring system, length of the exam, and the different included parts. Top schools request scores anywhere from 1800 and above. You should always have more than one option, so you have something to lean on if one opportunity stalls.

Most students don’t open a practice book until they reach 11th grade, which is

Things to Know About the Australia Medical Exam Before Taking the Test

aaaaaAs with any form of medical exams or tests, there is always a lot of preparation that is required beforehand if students would like to pass – and the Australia medical exam is no exception. However, doing a little research and obtaining as much information as possible about the examination beforehand will go a long way in helping to alleviate the stress levels associated with it.

Extensive Preparation Needed

Students who wish to pass the Australia medical exam the first time around need to realize early on that a lot of preparation and study time will be required of them until the day the exam is written. Although a lot of time will need to be spent with physical study materials and sticking to a regular study schedule, students can also make use of online questions banks to help them get in as much practice time as possible. The online question banks offer one of the best possible forms of preparation for students in that they simulate quite a few of the same questions that students can expect to encounter

4 Of The Best Pakistan Universities To Pursue A Medical Course

akuHave you always wanted to pursue a medical course, but don’t know the best school to go to? Here are some of the best medical universities in Pakistan that you can attend:

Aga khan university, Karachi

The college emphasizes on high quality medical care for patients and high quality education. When you attend the college you will acquire experience on clinical and primary care.

In addition to the graduate programs, the college also has many postgraduate programs that include residency training and fellowship training in clinical sub-specialties. The college also offers a masters degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and health policy and management.

If you are interested in research you will have an opportunity in being engaged in the many research studies undergoing in the institution. Some of these research studies include those investigating the causes and treatment of childhood diarrhea.

Isra University, Hyderabad

It’s privately owned and located on national highway, 5 KM from Hyderabad city center. The cool thing about it is that you can access it from many areas. For example, you can

Conquering College Search and College Visits Summer of the Junior Year

56fb76ed15a2e771fdd3b2f5a2695706Things that juniors should be doing the summer prior to the fall of the senior year: conquering the college search process

There are various things that you as the up incoming senior should be doing during your summer break. Don’t let your brain turn into mush! Be discipline enough to continue to read as much as you can because this will help you when you take your SAT’s and ACT in the fall. Hopefully you have taken the SAT’s or the ACT in the spring of your junior year but if you didn’t it is not the end of the world yet. You will have a chance to take these tests at least (2) twice before your application is considered for admissions.

You should also be working on college essays during the summer and if you have some schools that you will definitely be applying to, it would be good idea to work on your applications. Each application will have a short essay or essays that you could work on at this time. Beside these essays, you should put together

The Enigma Behind College Dropouts Conquering College Success

conquering-collegeThere are many reasons why students drop out of colleges/universities: there are obvious reasons why some students leave colleges and universities before graduation.

Most students drop out of college because of the academic rigor, academic time demand, poor fit socially, financial problems, family issues, and personal problems. Some of these students lack motivation, lack of a realistic goal, and inadequate support from the institution, poor family support, poor study skills, and poor high school preparation. These are all contributing factors. Studies have shown that African Americans and Latino Americans have a higher of dropout rate and this is attributed to poor family goal orientation and expectations. The dropout rate decreases for families from the middle class income bracket and higher. Also, you have to consider the role that a good role model plays in this situation.

For those minority families that have at least one parent that have attended college and attained a degree (associate degree, bachelor degree), the odds improve for the college bound student to succeed. There are many students who succeed in attaining a college

Student Satisfaction or Learning What Matters Most

Student Satisifaction or Learning 2Online instructors know that one of the important factors for determining their performance, and possibly future course offerings, are the results of the end-of-course evaluations that are completed by students. The focus of those evaluations, whether intentionally stated or not, involves how satisfied the students were with the course, materials, instructor, and other similar criteria. Instructors also know that the response rate for these surveys is typically a small percentage of the class and more importantly, it is often an emotional reaction that usually dictates a majority of student responses.

This aspect of online teaching can be frustrating for instructors when they are evaluated from a perceptual perspective and they are not allowed to challenge or question what was written or how they were assessed. While these evaluations certainly have merit, and they can help to bring to light performance issues that need immediate attention, it can be easy for an instructor to begin to care more about how good their students feel and being lenient with them, rather than maintain high academic

Get the Best Out of Campus Placements

4 (1)With the Indian economy showing signs of recovery, the private sector has accelerated its recruitment activities. However, the current campus placement strategy of firms may be described as one of cautious optimism, and is a far cry from the heydays of the early 2000’s, when most graduating students expected to bag multiple offers. Companies are now more selective in extending offers and have decidedly shifted focus from quantity to quality of candidates.

Companies test aspirants at multiple levels to ensure only the candidates with the appropriate skillset and attitude get selected. Normally, large companies take a screening test to shortlist applicants for personal interviews, which is generally the final stage in the selection procedure. Some companies may also include other activities like group discussions, essay writing, case studies etc.

Since each stage of the selection process is eliminatory in nature, it is critical for students to suitably prepare themselves. The first stage, i.e. screening test is a test of aptitude, covering various aspects like Mathematical Abilities, Verbal Abilities (including reading comprehension) and, Data Interpretation (including

Boost Your Career With Lovely Professional University

Lovely_Professional_University_SealMaking a bright future is not a cakewalk. To do so, one must be very careful since the beginning of his career. He must be a serious and hardworking person. He should know himself very well. He needs to test his own capability. Keeping pace with his knack and capability, he must choose a degree program that can give his career a significant boost.

Some students get confused, when they go to choose their career paths. To help these students, Lovely Professional University (LPU) has appeared to the scene. With the goal of developing IT infrastructure in India, this university was set up under the state government private university act. Since the time of its inception till date, it has been helping the students choose their right career path. Along with helping them in taking the right decision, it has been offering world-class education. Consequently, they are performing well in the global completion.

If you want to boost your career with world-class education, you can get started with this reputed institution. This is one of the highly acclaimed institutions in

10 Tips and Things to Ask Before Choosing Your College Major

unduhan1.Do you like the classes? This is the obvious one and the one you’ve most likely heard before from every advisor and upperclassmen you’ve talked to. Despite how often this advice is given out, I’m still surprised at how many people are taking classes they don’t enjoy just because they “want” to be a certain major.

2. Do you like the people in the classes? This is something that I wish I had taken into account a little bit more before choosing my major. Would I have chosen a different major- possibly. At least at my University and in my major, you have to work in groups on many projects. Maybe this is a just a small-liberal-arts-computer-science-major problem, but I have had classes that I had to work in small groups or with a partner and it didn’t go over so well.

3. Talk to people who have a degree in the field you are thinking about – Often times people don’t realize what a job for someone in their major really looks like. I was hesitant to go after computer science at first because I knew I

How To Pick A College For Your Bright Professional Life

unduhanSo, are you ready to join yourself for the new journey? Right, yes, I am talking about your adventures and interesting journey of college. Every student gets prepared for admission in college after high school. High school is a life to discover yourself and think about your bright career. Every student gets serious and concerned about how to select a good college after high school. Taking important decisions that will paves the path to a victorious college life will enhances the likelihood for great opportunities in your future.

It’s time to go to college and now you have to choose best one. Considering the over thousands of colleges out there, this could be a tedious job. Make this task simple and select the correct college for you by searching your options and recognizing what to look for.

Selecting a College

If you want to take admission in college, you have to plan. Which colleges are suitable for you? How much you will pay for your college education?

It is actually difficult to choose the best college when there are over a thousand options to pick from?

An Open Letter To All College Students

unduhanIn college, you are given an opportunity to go on a great journey. Take advantage of that chance to learn, grow and explore. Along to way, be sure to savor and appreciate every experience.

As you move along your path to the future, make friends, make something better and do something for others. Ask questions and say what you mean. Learn about yourself. Think about your future and clarify your dreams.

In order to fly on your own, you must spread your wings, start to flap and then leap into the unknown. You won’t always succeed on your first try. In fact, you may even get hurt once in a while. However, it is your responsibility to identify the possibilities, explore your options, find out what you are good at and pursue the things you love.

It is our duty as men and women

to proceed as though

the limits to our abilities do not exist.

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

These responsibilities are yours alone. Nobody else can tell you what to love, what makes you proud, what inspires you or gives

Can Mindfulness Be Used to Enhance Learning?

unduhanWhen you think about the word mindfulness you may not automatically associate it with learning and higher education. Most educators want to focus their attention on the subject matter being taught and the development of skills that are needed to ensure academic success, such as writing and reading skills. Mindfulness is also associated with spirituality and guided meditation, which again may not seem like a natural fit for the learning process. But mindfulness has a much broader definition and potential use, and it is utilized in both organizations and schools. The one exception is distance learning and for that field there is little direct application and implementation of mindfulness practices.

At its essence, mindfulness is about developing a focused state of mind through a process of directing and controlling thoughts and thought patterns at a specific time. It involves developing a better sense of self-awareness, being focused on breathing or anything else that helps to create a point of focus, removing mental and physical distractions, and tuning out all other thoughts. When viewed from this perspective it may be possible to

Exam Stress Testing The Wrong Children

exam_stressIn an article in the Guardian on 4 July 2015, James Meikle reported how children in England were said to be experiencing unprecedented levels of stress from sitting their end-of-year exams. ‘Children aged 10 or 11 are said to be “in complete meltdown”, in tears, or feeling sick during tests, and problems can be made worse by their competitive parents, according to the Exam Factories? report commissioned by the National Union of Teachers and conducted independently by Merryn Hutchings, emeritus professor at London Metropolitan University.’ This problem has grown in recent years and its origin can be traced back to the education policy of Tony Blair’s New Labour Government of 1997-2007, with its aim of providing university education for 50 percent of all children.

Before the abolition of the grammar schools by Harold Wilson’s Labour government in the mid-1960s, about ten percent of children in Britain went to a grammar school and about half of these went on to university. As the majority of secondary students attended secondary modern schools, and then technical or commercial schools, this was what was expected